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Commodify Your Craft: 5 Tips to Turn Your Passion into a Brand

You’ve already created it. You’re already creating and you’ll keep creating. You could even say that creating is your passion and no matter what, you won’t stop. There’s a huge difference between crafting and crafting product that sells. (Commercial product? That’s another story. Perhaps even another dimension, ha.) In the case of being a creative, one’s a hobby and the other is a business. In reality, it takes a lot of work to start a business and to keep it going. Many people share their craft for free or extremely low rates without having a business licence or legal setup to do so. This saturates the market and makes it difficult for individuals who are trying to be as professional as possible to succeed. Moreover, some crafters will offer services alongside their crafts for free or discounted rates, which only hurts the metaphysical, spiritual, and witchcraft industry. Don’t let not having business know-how stop you from taking your magickal abilities seriously. Nor should you “blame the universe” for a lack of sales, when it could simply be a lack of foresight, planning, customer base, testing, and expansion.

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How To Brand Your Magick Using Your Natural, Intuitive Creativity [Brand Strategy for Beginners]

You might be asking, “What’s the difference between traditional branding and branding my magick, Deiadora?” And I’ll tell you: one places the focus on the external world and the other? You guessed it, you’re creating from inner to outer. A common theme throughout Deiadorebel, developing your brand in this way means: Deeper satisfaction - personally and professionally. Deeper attraction - your audience can find you & will stick around longer because of it. Deeper connection - to what you’re doing, offering, & serving.

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