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New Moon in Libra: Stability - Creating Values Through Self-Reflection [Communicating in a Quantum World]

How do you measure balance when you’re not sure what you value or what you’re measuring? Read on for an insightful self-reflective journey to re-define what stability means to you. It can be difficult to feel like you’re enjoying any aspect of your life when you’re unsure what success or satisfaction means to you in the first place. This is where a self-reflection practice comes in. While meditation as a way to connect with oneself and observe what you truly want gains popularity, mindfulness takes a close second in importance. Mindfulness is the art of being aware of one’s own thoughts, emotions, and feelings while being 100% self-responsible for all, including actions.

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The Health of Wholeness: What Healthy “Looks Like” in 2019 [8 Layers of Consciousness]

What does healthy look like to you? That’s the real question of the year, perhaps even the decade or century up to this point. Healthy has become synonymous to wholeness - being accepting of yourself as you are now and being willing to grow. All growth is spiritual growth, since your inner world - your metaphysics - are yours and yours alone.

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Why Shadow Work? Transform Shadows into Friends [Communicating in a Quantum World]

It goes without saying that expanding your understanding of your inner world naturally expands your outer, your brand included. Shadow work is a concept spoken about in length by Carl Jung. The shadow, id, or shadow aspect/archetype refers to the unconscious expression of Self. It isn’t uncommon to have blindspots of yourself, to repeat patterns from childhood modelling, or project aspects that you consider negative or a weakness onto others without seeing it in yourself. All and all, the term “shadow” could appropriately be likened to what you’re not aware of within yourself (yet). And becoming aware of your shadow or doing shadow work is maturation via personal transformation.

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