How To Brand Your Magick Using Your Natural, Intuitive Creativity [Brand Strategy for Beginners]

Brand Your Magick

Did she say, “Brand your magick?! Perhaps I do Know what I want to create…?”

You might be asking, “What’s the difference between traditional branding and branding my magick, Deiadora?” And I’ll tell you: one places the focus on the external world and the other? You guessed it, you’re creating from inner to outer. A common theme throughout Deiadorebel, developing your brand in this way means:

Deeper satisfaction - personally and professionally.

Deeper attraction - your audience can find you & will stick around longer because of it.

Deeper connection - to what you’re doing, offering, & serving.

Why is it scary? The most authentic self-expression can be the spookiest, however the journey and the outcome far outweighs your other options. What else could you do potentially? You could 1) hire a graphic designer/branding consultant to create on your behalf without your input, 2) use stock branding from a website that other brands have employed, or 3) not do any branding at all and just wing it. Of course, they lack in the same depth as you branding your magick.

No matter the size of your business, following these standard guidelines will help your brand stand out as one that should be taken seriously. In your audiences mind, it allows them to subconsciously and unconsciously believe that you “know what you’re doing.” Of course, it’s always beneficial to actually know what you’re doing.

What Does A Typical Brand Strategy of Quantum Magick™ Proportions Include?

  1. Logo - Your brand’s identity typically personified in a brand name with a unique-to-itself font and/or iconic vector.

  2. Colours - Your favourite 5-7 colours that identify your brand.

  3. Typography - Your 5 fonts as seen on your website, social media, printed marketing materials, and product packaging.

  4. Images - Your visual aesthetic that defines the “look” of your brand.

  5. Voice - Your written communication’s tone, style, and authenticity.

  6. Feel - Your vibe that sets the meta intention of your brand with emotional connection.

Let’s go into each one of these more deeply and ask yourself fun questions along the way. After you’ve done so, you’ll have branded your magick in no time…as we say here at Deiadorebel, in Timelessness really:


Having a definitive logo and brand name, even if it’s your own name, that includes either a unique font (not used on any other part of your site or branding) and/or vector will help you to leave a lasting impression in your target audience’s mind. Keep your brand name (and website name, for that matter) shorter than 20 letters preferably (no more than 30 characters).

Deiadorebel is honestly a bit difficult to spell, but it has a lasting effect on everyone who sees or hears it. Oftentimes, people use it as my name when introducing me and I laugh and say, “Ha! My name is Deiadora actually. Deiadorebel is my brand.” This then continues the conversation because people naturally want to know “what I do” given my happy countenance and confident, dark aesthetic.

A side note on naming your brand: Your name can be your brand or you can create it. The upside of using your name is it’s “you” and you don’t have to get your audience to remember anything more. The downside is when you form your business properly, in the US, you’ll have to either 1) use a different name as your LLC or Inc. or you’ll have to brand or incorporate your own name.

While this is legal and fine, you might not want to incorporate your already corporation. (Remember: You are not your name, what you identify with as you, your thoughts, emotions, or physiological responses. On the contrary, you’re much grander than that and anything you could put on paper to “legaleese”.)

Want to launch (or re-launch) your brand properly? Join the Coven of Quantum Magick™ - open to 13 applicants every lunation - where you’ll start by forming your business legitimately.


A 5-7 colour pallet that compliments your personal style will greatly support your Brand Strategy. Look at what you’re wearing.

What colours do you wear on a given day? Is your brand casual? What colours do you wear when you’re dressing up? Do you want to make your brand a reflection of your fancier Self?

Having two “main” colours like black and white, 2-3 “sub” colours like dark grey, blood red, and royal purple, plus 1 or 2 “sprinkled” colours like mustard yellow and pumpkin orange will help you to stay within a particular pallet without feeling claustrophobic. If you need a bit of change after a while, try switching out one colour at a time in 3 lunation increments. This will help you to not “shock” your target audience and will allow you to see if it’s helping or hurting your brand’s presence.


The fonts that you use come only second in importance to your colours. These should include five: an H1 (header one) font, H2 (header two) font, H3 (header three), body font, and footer font. These titles came from the original HTML used on the first websites and they’ve stuck the whole way through and are still used today. Thank the heavens for consistency! Nowadays, you can use Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts straight on your website and find downloadable .TTF and .OTF files free for personal use. “Personal use” means you can use them for yourself (but not for client’s purposes aka “commercial use”.) unless your purchase a license outright.

You’ll see them most frequently on your website Frontend as you edit and choose your typography for the overall site and on each page as well as design software like Canva. Using your 5 chosen fonts across platforms - from your website to social media images to printed marketing materials and product packaging - will create brand consistency.

To maximise the Quantum Magick™ of your typography, look within your mind’s eye and ask yourself, “If I were to give my style a font, what would it be? What would it express about me?” If you’re not familiar with all the font potentials, check out and review the various categories. If you’re already using a website platform like Squarespace or Shopify, head over to the Design category of your sites’ Frontend and try out different styles until you’re well pleased with the look.

Want Deiadorebel assistance on branding and web design? Fly your broomstick over to here to review what services are offered and contact me to get a conversation started.


The images that you use create the visual aesthetic and tell the story that is your brand. Your brand is a reflection of your imagination.

In your imagination, what season is it? What’s the weather like? What time of day is it? Does it change as it changes externally? Where is it located? Your images can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. What matters is that they’re a reflection of your style and essence, even if they were taken by someone else.

As connected creatures, your target audience will appreciate a photo of you on your website and photos of you on your social media. If you’re offering services, photos of you are shared more frequently by algorithms and improve your Impressions and Reach. If products (or services and products) are your thing, introducing yourself once every lunation or so or including yourself in your social media story can boost the number of times your posts are shown and seen. Creating behind-the-scenes, holding the product, or simply a part of your body (like hands, feet, or body without face) can also increase visibility.

Of course, always use royalty free images on apps like Unsplash or sites like Pexels. Using copy-written images is no bueno and should not be used as a best practice. While I don’t believe in karma or the rule of 3, I do believe in treating others as I’d like to be treated. And as a mirror, following copyright law is one that should be adhered to, gorgeous rebel. You can also purchase hand-drawn vector images to add a bit more creative depth from an original artist by searching “clipart” + the image(s) you’re looking for (witch, gothic, moons, etc.) on Etsy.


Oof, written communication in comparison to verbal communication can be a difficult talent to master. Especially when you’re attempting to create a voice for a brand that is not your own, eep! Yet it’s not impossible. It’s a bit more like writing a character for a screenplay or fiction novel than anything else. The voice of your brand can be a fun way to stretch your creative talent in a new direction.

Try these fun exercises to improve it: What are your favourite words? What words do you use that your friends copy? What words do you say that your friends tease you about? Or always laugh at? If your brand was a movie or book, what genre would it be? Have you ever watched or read something like it? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Asking yourself these questions and simply reflecting guarantees a smile on your face when you notice that you do in fact have a brand voice already.

Use your sense of humour, tone, and expression and you’ll have an authentic voice in no time. Keep it professional and limit as much negative, day-to-day personal information as possible along with opinions that are political and otherwise. If you use your “voice” for Aquarian flag waving, it might attract people who have similar beliefs or values. However, you’re building a business and not creating an uprising. When you keep the focus on what you’re doing, the attention stays on your offering and increases sales potential. You’d be surprised how much this helps you to gain true supporters that are loyal to your cause, turning followers into clients and customers.


The feel of your brand…it’s a thing. The emotion behind your online presence - from your website to social media - is either chosen consciously or unconsciously.

You can easily create a “meta intention” for your brand by asking yourself, “What emotions do I want my target audience to experience when connecting with me/my brand?” List out 5-7 and give it a whirl. Try them out for a lunation and see how you feel using those specific emotional intentions. Does your audience notice? Does anyone comment that’s how they feel? Have you observed synchronicities in connection to it?

Increasing your own emotional intelligence will only strengthen your brand. Why? When your audience responds in any way, you can have empathy and understanding. Using Gene Keys - see last lunation’s post Why Shadow Work?: Transform Shadows Into Friends - as a guide, you can download your chart for free here and see what emotions you’re naturally inclined to express. Viewing your chart, aka Hologenetic Profile, can be very affirming to what you already know about yourself and enlightening. Gene Keys - like this list here - can jog your memory as to what emotional (meta) intentions you can put in your brand’s essence.

Remember, emotions are words that you’re ascribing a feeling to. Emotions aren’t a thing nor are they universal. That is, what I mean by joy and what you mean by joy are two different things - even in the same moment. What exactly emotions are besides an idea (thought) and a feeling (physiological response) that you create consciously or unconsciously from previous experiences? No one is quite sure yet, but Lisa Feldman Barrett explains them from her researched perspective in How Emotions Are Made fairly well.

A voilá!

And that’s it. Do you have more clarity about your brand? If you don’t have a brand, but you’d love to, did it get your imagination soaring? Branding can be one of the funnest - and possibly most distracting, ha! - aspects of your business. If you love visuals and daydreaming, you’ll love branding. It’s a lot like interior design in a digital format. The hardest part, if you’re distracted easily by the next shiny object, can be sticking to one brand essence.

If you do start to become antsy, try to integrate expansion and evolution into your Brand Strategy.

Allow it to grow as you grow. Learn new skills and then apply them to your branding. Include growth as part of your overall essence and don’t be afraid to show your work or talk about it with your audience. Not every brand has to be a solid, never-changing rock. Nor do you have to become a consultant or creative on behalf of other brand’s just because you love change.

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