New Moon in Cancer: Depth & Breadth [Communicating in a Quantum World]

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer offers self-empowered guidance to nurture, connect and open.

The New Moon in Cancer is markedly an emotional vibration. It shifts the tides within you so much more so than last month’s lunation. In contrast to the “forging ahead” essence of the Gemini, or rather forging within, Cancer asks you to go within and connect. Now that your reverie has come to the light (read: last month’s blog post here), The New Moon in Cancer offers self-empowered guidance to nurture, connect and open.

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Whether you’re new your path of self-discovery or you’ve been in on it for as long as you can remember, this lunation will be unlike any other. A universal principle, of course, yet Cancer’s energy has become even more balanced in darkness and light than in years past. If you’re following spiritual shifts, more so the metaphysical climate of our planet, while observing our collective reality, you may have noticed in recent weeks that many spiritual leaders are calling for more focused intention on balance.

Balance between masculine and feminine divine energies rather than simply hexing the patriarchy is causing a shift in the collective conscious and unconscious vibration. Why? Because when more conscious energy is put into balance versus conflict, changes happen. Decidedly so, conflict has much power. To hex the patriarchy, despise separation consciousness, or the like disrupts the old system. However, to embrace the whole within and bless it has even more.

To consciously move into a state of nurturing, connected and open acceptance of the potentiality that you are both everything and not is to claim your divine human right as interconnected and sovereign.

Regardless of the “look” of your spiritual practice, the work that you’re doing is both healing for your quantum self and the planet, inner and outer. It matters not what you’re doing when you’re being (even if you’re focusing your intention on doing so), you and everyone else are experiencing a maturation process. No need to look “out there” for guidance, you are connected to the collective unconscious in Timelessness and all ancient and future information therein.

The New Moon in Cancer in a quantum world is an antiphon. A simple line or phrase in a Psalm echoing the Beauty and Unity of the divine masculine and divine feminine. The Book of Psalms is an example of an ancient spiritual text of songs or hymns that mirrors the Father and Mother essence found in many religions and cultural histories. One is never found without the other. Even if modern day texts speak of it as if the masculine was exclusively present, these are recent adaptations for governmental purposes in the last 500 years. (Read the History Channel’s synopsis of the King James Version here.)

The existential question then becomes: Have we always been whole within ourselves? The short answer is yes. If that leads you to wondering why all the confusion, you’ll be happy to find out that with greater definition and categorisation of anything (in our case, what masculine and feminine means on a deeper level), the greater integration of all for the whole. You don’t have to lift a finger and the collective unconscious works like quantum magick. Much like a software upgrade on your computer that automatically updates, the information disseminates throughout the whole of consciousness instantaneously and without lag time.

I tried explaining this to a small team of missionaries that I was with in Cairo, Egypt, in 2006. I repeatedly said, ‘It doesn’t matter what word is being used for the deity, it’s the essence and actions of the person partaking in life. Is it love? Then it is Love of all.’ - Deiadora Blanche

In witchcraft, this balance of embodying the whole is commonly known as grey witchcraft. It pulls from both sides of the pool: light and dark, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, duality and nonduality. If this is what you’re also attracted to, then I’m honoured that you’ve found and are following me. There are many Facebook groups for Grey Witches like this one here. These groups are great places to connect that allow you to explore being a divine human with like-minded witches.

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On this New Moon you can use the Lunar Guide to set 8 Quantum Magick™ Intentions for your Dream Spell. Your ritual is yours and yours alone just as your metaphysics - your inner world - is yours alone. Here are some suggestions to prepare:

  1. Create your Quantum Magick™ Intentions beforehand

  2. Have them near you when you sit in front of your altar or in your circle

  3. Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, or another form of smudging

  4. Use salt (black salt, Himalayan sea salt, table salt) to protect your space from negative energy and less-than-honourable intentions (from within or without); sprinkle the salt around you and your altar or around you to form a circle

  5. Use incense, candles, crystals, water/wine/fruit drink, etc. to create your own intuitively-led ritual and ceremony

  6. Speak out your Quantum Magick™ Intentions to initiate your new beginning during this lunation and cleanse and renew the past

Your Dream Spell directly and consciously communicates your intentions to your inner and and outer world. When you repeat them in your mind and aloud throughout the lunation, you nurture, connect and open to deeper insights. At the same time, you allow manifestation to take place on a conscious level, bringing your unconscious desires beyond dream states of awareness. When you do so, you return the Power of Creation back to your quantum self. You’ve now opened up to all your infinite potentials as goddess/god of your life.

Going deeper still, the Full Moon in Capricorn offer you the opportunity to take a more grounded look at these more fluid aspects of Self. Although it may be common to consider emotion a female attribute, it is hardly. More so, it is a human characteristic inherent in every person. In reality, emotion is even present in nonhuman beings as well. Truly energy in motion, emotion is likened to the water’s flowing nature neither feminine nor masculine. You could even say it’s nonbinary or quantum as is the whole self. Take a look at these three universal principles of self-worship for self-reflective insights:


Ask yourself: What does it mean to nurture myself? Do I have a negative connotation towards nurturing? Or an age limit? Do I consider it to be something you do with babies or those “weaker” than me? The definition of “nurture” from the Cambridge dictionary is, “to take care of, feed, and protect someone or something, especially young children or plants, and help him, her, or it to develop” or “to help a plan or a person to develop and be successful”.

When you’re nurturing yourself, you’re practicing self-love, self-care, and the universal principle of self-worship. In a quantum world where everything and everyone are a mirror of you, it makes sense to nurture yourself if you’re capable enough to be reading and understanding this blog post, regardless of your gender or sexual identity.

Perceiving the word “nurture” as neutral to positive will reinforce a healthy, mature connection to it. Making the conscious choice to do so now regardless of previous genetic imprinting (either from in the womb; aka unconscious, or from earlier experiences) can easily transform your ability to care for yourself.


Ask yourself: What does it mean to me to connect? To myself? To others? In what ways am I connecting? Disconnecting? The definition of “connect” from the Cambridge dictionary is “to join together two things, or to be joined together” or “to consider a person or thing as related in some way to something else”.

Each of us has a different bonding strategy. Human Design is an interpersonal system created by Ra Uru Hu that offers specific insight into the 12 profiles.

  1. 1/3 - Pursuer/Pursued

  2. 1/4 - Pursuer/Pursued

  3. 2/4 - Shyness/Boldness

  4. 2/5 - Shyness/Boldness

  5. 3/5 - Bonding/Breaking

  6. 3/6 - Bonding/Breaking

  7. 4/6 - Confidante or not

  8. 4/1 - Confidante or not

  9. 5/1 - Seducer/Seduced

  10. 5/2 - Seducer/Seduced

  11. 6/2 - Soulmate or not

  12. 6/3 - Soulmate or not

You can learn what your lines are by reviewing your free profile online. There are numerous sites that offer a downloadable chart such as Jovian Archive.

Want a chart reading of your Human Design? Deiadora has read over 200 charts for clients. You can have a reading to understand your conscious and unconscious motivations using this chart system by booking a Brand Empowerment Session here. A fascinating way to look at Human Design is that you have unique metaphysics that interact with the whole system of consciousness in a way that only you do. By investigating your personal metaphysics, you can learn how to use language to communicate with yourself to manifest more quickly.


Ask yourself: Am I open? Am I using my mind, emotions, and physical being to be flexible, learn, and grow? The definition of “open” from the Cambridge dictionary is “ready to be used or ready to provide a service.”

Being open is the other end of the spectrum of closed, inflexible, and dogmatic in your own thoughts. It allows other ideas, opinions, and perspectives in. It increases imagination, pleasure, and joy. It uses descrimination to discern what is beneficial.

Not to say that anything and everything can come through the floodgates of your quantum mind, but increasing openness will bring you greater joy in all areas of your life. Contemplating this simple word along with nurture and connect can improve your daily satisfaction with ease.

I look forward to hearing about your Dream Spell results. Follow me @deiadoracreates @quantummagick on Instagram and “like” the Deiadorebel page on Facebook. Let’s nurture, connect, and open to deeper conversations online with each other as well and utilise the New Moon in Cancer’s energy to the greatest of collective abilities. So mote it be.

In Unity,

Deiadora Blanche

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