New Moon in Gemini: The Ending of Endings [Communicating in a Quantum World]

New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini marks a lunation filled with communication, inquiry, and awakening.

If you’re open to it, you will become more aware of your multifaceted talents. In a quantum world, Gemini symbolises the diamond, not just “the twins.” Harnessing its essence means tapping into your hidden talents and strengths. The energy of the New Moon in Gemini is a perfect moment to add to your business and life goals that which you’ve confined to the repository of “fantasy.” The Gemini vibration will support you in feeling your dreams are possible.

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And just like that, the world has changed right before our eyes. With more opportunities to share our gifts, commodify our talents, and benefit our corner of the world, the Internet has changed the way we do business and connect. Our global culture is rapidly transforming from an ego-centric to a world-centric based society. As we move quickly past tribal living and into collective aspirations, dualistic modes of being are becoming a thing of the past.

Business is no longer about competition, but about community. As entrepreneurs, what does this mean for us? For one thing, it means that we have to drop the old stories of being separate once and for all. The dysfunctional way of thinking that we have to compete in order to survive and that there’s only so much to go around is no longer valid. Victimisation has seen its day and freedom to be empowered as a business owner is here for all.

The Internet has created an open source of information for anyone willing to do the work to research as well as building community through social networking.

Social networks are now a type of Intranet for you and I to gather together to support one another in harmony. Whatever you’re looking for can be found, making the Internet a fantastic reflection and clear mirror of our inner world.

The New Moon in Gemini in a quantum world is the Ending of Endings. It marks a new beginning of our Golden Age in the transcendence of our duality. Staying up-to-date with business, society, and cosmic awareness has become synonymous. The new healthy way of thinking is not only being enlightened, but also integrating this awareness into our every day lives. It means bringing spirituality to the workplace as a positive mode of being.

Again, in the old world, Gemini symbolised the twins. In the new world order, Gemini represents a multifaceted expression, the diamond. When meditating and connecting with your own source, tapping into the Gemini energy on this New Moon means awakening to new modes of communication, inquiry, and insight. The next four weeks (lunation) offers an opportunity to harness and refine this awareness and apply it to your business and life.

Under the Numerology of the year twenty-nineteen, you have the opportunity to connect with and open up to a deeper relationship with your whole or quantum self. In a 3 year (2+0+1+9=12=1+2=3), the inner world can show you how the dots of previous experiences link together in the big picture. The potential is to glean applicable lessons and practical applications to reach your entrepreneurial goals with grace and ease. As you spiral upwards in ascension, the New Moon in Gemini marks a distinct point in which the precipice of either deeper self-reflection or distraction becomes clear when you go within.

The New Moon is the perfect time in Timelessness to set your Quantum Magick™Intentions and do a ritual:

  1. Prepare your Quantum Magick™ Intentions beforehand

  2. Have them near you when you sit in front of your altar or in your circle

  3. Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, or another form of smudging

  4. Use salt (black salt, Himalayan sea salt, table salt) to protect your space from negative energy and less-than-honourable intentions (from within or without); sprinkle the salt around you and your altar or around you to form a circle

  5. Use incense, candles, crystals, water/wine/fruit drink, etc. to create your own intuitively-led ritual and ceremony

  6. Speak out your Quantum Magick™ Intentions to initiate your new beginning during this lunation and cleanse and renew the past

When you’re speaking out your Quantum Magick™ Intentions, you’re leveraging the universal principle that you’re the centre of your universe. This means that in quantum world, you are all-powerful and omniscient: you are god/goddess/all-powerful one. You are the metaphysical creatrix/creator of your reality and you are speaking as I Am. Since this perspective is true for all of us, it is the clearest reflection that honours each of you.

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Going deeper still, how you communicate your goals to yourself and your team is all dependent on your own self-talk. If you think that how you speak to yourself is not important to your Brand Empowerment, you’d be amiss. Communicating to yourself as the centre of your universe is not only healthy, it’s a universal principle that is accurate and cross-applicable to each and everyone of us. Let’s take an inner gander at these three universal principles and contemplate:


Ask yourself: am I communicating to myself in ways that are empowering? Disempowering? Neutral? An easy way to identify retrospectively or in the moment what you’re doing when you’re being is to listen to how you communicate to others. If you’re constantly getting feedback that your communication style is aggressive or passive aggressive, perhaps you can research/Google “assertive communication techniques.”

When you’re setting your sites on achieving a specific outcome (i.e., higher sales, more clients, etc.), but your communication is airing on the side of duality (treating others as separate from you, bullying, and so on), you’ll most likely not achieve those results.

Neutral to positive communication styles within yourself will help you to make a quantum leap in your brand & life. Authenticity cannot be faked and more consumers are searching to interact with brands that back what they say with actions.


Ask yourself: am I actively inquiring within to be the most authentic provider of my services/product and a leader of my brand? Businesses of any structure are no longer surviving as static entities. It’s necessary to support personal and professional growth as an entrepreneur, whether you’re working solo or with a team. The two go hand-in-hand and inquiry plays a huge role in that.

It will be obvious if you’re practicing inquiry in your brand. Some signs that you are include:

  • You ask yourself, employees, and clients questions instead of making assumptions

  • You’re interested in yours and others’ underlying motivations

  • You want to be supportive of what you, your team, and your clients want and need

Your self-talk, web content, marketing content, etc. is living content that is ever-evolving. It always has been and by becoming aware of it to a greater extent, you’ll improve your ability to use inquiry as means of improving your business communication, thereby increasing your bottom line. Consciously aligning your inner dialogue, employee interactions, and brand will only empower you more to achieve superabundance by incrementally adjusting your words to your actions.


Ask yourself: Am I open to receiving personal insights for professional growth? Awakening is not limited to spirituality. In fact, you could consider being alive awakening. Each moment is an opportunity to become more self- and transpersonally-aware. In so doing, you welcome greater insights into the nature of reality and bring yourself into the realm of quantum potentials with ease.

If you haven’t already, take up a meditation practice to help you to go deeper into your business and life goals. There is no one right way to practice except setting the intention to be still within. This can help you in both communication and inquiry amidst a whole host of other benefits. Being able to activate a quiet mind in any given moment is not only helpful, it’s also badass.

I look forward to hearing your results as you practice quantum communication, inquiry, and awakening during this Gemini season. The essence lasts throughout the month, so join me on Instagram by following @deiadoracreates @quantummagick for daily inspiration, motivation, and insightful knowledge on how to improve your own metaphysics and entrepreneurial goals for Brand Empowerment. Until the next New Moon, peace and love.



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