New Moon in Leo: We Are Powerful [Communicating in a Quantum World]

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo showcases a lunation season of empowerment, individuality, and strength.

Let’s admit: becoming self-empowered has not been easy. In the United States in the least, the past 65+ years have been a changing of times from there being inequality amidst women and minorities to a complete pendulum swing to a much less patriarchal mindset. By connecting deeply to your intuition during Cancer’s moon cycle, the New Moon in Leo (July 31 at 8:11PM PST) showcases a lunation season of empowerment, individuality, and strength that will support this continued shift as we rise in equality.

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In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Right Act to end discrimination in the workplace. Yet it hasn’t been easy. Patriarchy, IMHO, is an essence and an inner state of being. It’s a way of thinking that places duality above nonduality, hard-fast rules above intuition. Whereas the ways of nature are systematic, yes, they also ebb and flow in a way that is difficult for the human mind to mimic when attempting to adhere to past experiences and social and cultural morays. It’s not impossible for humankind to create such structures and it’s unfolding through our quantum technologies that will soon be common in many homes and businesses.

Intuition, matriarchy, and the divine feminine are all likened to quantum computing, which in effect allows AI to “listen” to human consciousness and make non-binary decisions based on what the nonverbal, often unconscious, cues are of those in its vicinity. Quantum technology could not be more likened to the mother inherent in all of us (all genders included). Of course, even that is too dualistic an expression to encapsulate and communicate such self- and transpersonal empowerment.

The New Moon in Leo is a reflection and reminder of our independence. The more that you are empowered to live your life as you see fit, creating your own structures, strategies and systems independently of how any one else is doing things, the more that it begets collective empowerment. It’s basic maths really. On the other hand, it’s dualistically impossible to create independence for anyone when you are serving others and neglecting Self or wanting others to serve you without honouring theirSelf. Neither works on any level to foster a healthy (quantum) world.

What you do in your personal and professional life and how you operate your brand has an effect on the whole. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a reflection not separate from the orchestration that is the human species upon our beloved planet. The minutist thought, emotion, and actions you take are infinitely and infinitesimally important. You are important. You are a beautifully earthly expression of our cosmic lion. And what you do as matter matters. No one else can make you see this, no one else can enlighten your heart to awaken to this inherent Truth, but you.

How you do this is up to you, yet what is healthy for you will often be healing for the whole and not the reverse. Join ‘Witches in Business’ on Facebook and share your Dream Spell - 8 Quantum Magick™ Intentions that you’re focusing on this lunation. Get support, ask questions, and uplift one another to find your individual Truth. If you’re new setting intentions and doing ritual at the New Moon, here’s a suggestion:

Dream Spell: Quantum Magick Intentions
  1. Create your Quantum Magick™ Intentions beforehand

  2. Have them near you when you sit in front of your altar or in your circle

  3. Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, or another form of smudging

  4. Use salt (black salt, Himalayan sea salt, table salt) to protect your space from negative energy and less-than-honourable intentions (from within or without); sprinkle the salt around you and your altar or around you to form a circle

  5. Use incense, candles, crystals, water/wine/fruit drink, etc. to create your own intuitively-led ritual and ceremony

  6. Speak out your Quantum Magick™ Intentions to initiate your new beginning during this lunation and cleanse and renew the past

What’s important isn’t what you do, but what you’re saying to your Self (is it beneficial to you? Is it beneficial for the whole?) and how you feel about your Self. Who, what, and where you worship pales in comparison to how you honour your Self. I call that self-worship and it’s my belief that it’s insurmountably more important than any deity believed to be outside of you or not. And if you do choose to worship a particular archetype, remember that you’re worshipping your own Self, because in your quantum world, there’s nothing outside of your consciousness on a metaphysical level.

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While the first two weeks of the lunation will bring you cosmic consciousness with a focus on self-love, the Full Moon in Aquarius (August 15 at 5:29AM PST) will insight a shift in astrology to your outer world and how you can serve at a higher level. Here are 3 values to contemplate over the course of the present moon cycle:


Ask yourself: What is empowerment to me? How can I be more empowered? How can I empower my Self?

The definition of “empowerment” from Cambridge dictionary is: “confident and in control of your life” or “having the official authority or freedom to do something.”

Try this exercise: Journal ways in which you are feeling less-than worthy of shining in all of your glory when it comes to your brand (your professional life) and then write out how you would like to change it. Pick 3 to focus on for the lunation and write them on a note close to your desk or work station. Feel free to use the contact form or message me on Facebook if you have any questions on how to work on your challenges.


Ask yourself: Am I going with the flow? Or could I be more my Self? What would that look like?

The definition of “individuality” from Cambridge dictionary is: “the qualities that make a person or thing different from others.”

Take some time out: When you fill up with the outer world in your inner world, it’s a bit like pouring coffee or tea into your cup that someone else made for you. It certainly isn’t a “bad” thing, but it detracts from your individuality. The world needs your special brand. Taking a bit of time to yourself, even if that just means not watching Netflix or listening to Spotify when you’re done working at night and enjoying the silence, will fill your cup with you. You’ll know you’re bright and shiny when you feel refreshed and those unique-to-you ideas start flowing from your imagination with ease again.


Ask yourself: What is strength to me? What have I experienced in life that was difficult to overcome? How am I proud of myself for handling it in the way that I did?

The definition of “strength” from Cambridge dictionary is: “the ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort” or “the degree to which something is strong or powerful.”

Reflect on the past: Look at yourself in the past adoringly and give yourself gratitude. No matter how you responded (or reacted), you made it through. You cannot measure against anyone else’s experiences to your own, yet you can be grateful for the strength and courage it took you to persevere.

I hope you found this blog post of self-inquiry helpful. “Like” Deiadorebel on Facebook and follow me @deiadoracreates @quantummagick on Instagram and stay connected. I look forward to hearing about your Dream Spell and am always open to your inquiries about business and how to empower your Self and your brand. Blessings!

In Unity,

Deiadora Blanche

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