New Moon in Virgo: The Other Me - How To Channel Your Own Insight [Communicating in a Quantum World]

New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon in Virgo Provides The Metaphysical Reflection To Channel Your Own Insight.

One of the most difficult aspects of being human to master is getting things done. Completing tasks is one thing, but are they the right tasks? It’s easy to work for others and you’re taught to do this from a very young age. To listen to those in authority over you and obey. You’re taught what others want you to learn and you follow commands given to you. Teaching us to lead ourSelves, the New Moon in Virgo provides the metaphysical reflection to channel your own insight. Read on to receive a reminder that when you’re channeling, your imagination is opening you up to new-to-you information.

So what if you take what Virgo’s essence - not separate from your consciousness, but a projection of it - and integrate ways of communicating with your Self that help you to feel more:

  • Empowered

  • Individual

  • Strong

  • Nurtured

  • Connected

  • Open

These, of course, are the previous two lunations essences (Read the New Moon in Cancer and New Moon in Leo blog posts for deeper insight) and even if you didn’t consciously realise you were learning from the depth and breadth of the moon, you might read these posts and find retrospectively that you were in fact growing in these areas a person. As a witch, whether you’re new or seasoned, you’ll notice that nature is always teaching you.

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If you can sit quietly enough alone in a forest, you’ll awaken to such a depth of understanding about how the very make-up of your reality is interconnected regardless of whether you see what life’s teaching you now or later. Why? Because life often teaches you after you’ve had the experiences. Wisdom is not knowing and the teaching doesn’t happen in the moment for anyone, not even teachers or mentors. Rather, it comes in the stillness and silence when you’re idly sitting by the brook watching ants laboriously carry leaves into their underground kingdom.

The insight zooms into your head without warning or pretence. You feel as though you’ve channeled some great insight from your ancestors or your higher self. But…but! It. Is. You. - Deiadora Blanche

Nothing - nay, no-thing - outside of you is bringing you this information. If you think about it, this is how you learn in a quantum world. Everything is interconnected, nothing and no one are separate. There is no “other me”. Just a mirror - like myself - that sits before you reminding you of pure consciousness, reminding you of enlightenment.

And in your endarkenment, you awaken to the light. Through the obscurity, your brilliant quantum computing mind puts together what just happened. What did just happen? When the insight hits you, it often feels as though you can See everything in your mind’s eye. This Aha-moment gives you clarity that sometimes comes so quickly, you don’t have words for it. It’s more like a deep feeling and a visualisation of what is or what was.

Try as you might, you can’t control it. Even if you want to, you can’t write it down. It may even feel a bit scary or you feel as though there’s something wrong with you, you’re crazy or mentally ill, or you feel isolated like no one will get you if you tell them what just happened. Why? If your story - that is, what you’re telling yourself or what you’ve been told - is that the information is outside of you, you will not see it as a gift nor as your Self talking to yourself.

If you believe in a dualistic world where what you’re hearing in your own mind is not you, but is separate from you, this may cause you to feel:

Out of control: How can you feel in control if anyone or anything can talk to you? Whether you have gifts of mediumship or any psychic gift of the clairs (clair senses or “clairessence” can include: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, clairgustance, clairempathy, and channel/channeling), this can cause you to feel like you can’t control it. As a result, you will teach yourself any number of “skills” such as grounding or protection from these “outside forces”.

Frightened: How can you feel safe if what you’re Seeing, Hearing, or Feeling inside of your Self is not you? If you’re saying to yourself that the voices or images in your own mind are not you or if someone else is telling you this, you can feel mentally unstable because of it and this is a frightening potential.

Isolated: How can you feel connected to your community if you feel like you’re isolated with this strange gift? Is it even then truly a gift? When you feel alone in your own mind like no one can understand you and that they’d “put you away” if they found out or that the world could not “get you” if you told them, it can make you feel like curling in a little ball in a dark corner of your room.

Obviously, none of these are sustainable emotional states to stay in, so how did you get here? And how do you get out of it? Surely, you feel as if you’re in a hole, perhaps even an Abyss, but why? And is there anything you can do about it? Thankfully, there is.

Change Your Self-Talk

What you’re saying to yourself - your inner dialogue - creates your reality. Not your outer reality, silly. Your inner reality. And your inner reality effects how you interact with your outer reality, which is different for you than it is for me. That’s a universal principle. Since you’re interacting with everyone in a conventional space that you call Planet Earth, it’s best you feel as if you’re part of the whole team and not separate from it. There are more people like you than you know, and receiving information - being able to See/Hear/Feel/Know something you didn’t before that moment - is part of the human experience.

Engineers, writers, artists, mathematicians, teachers, scientists, and so and so forth from every culture in every corner of the world experience awakenings like this. It’s not weird or strange or unhealthy. It’s what it is to be human. Do you process your inner world differently than the next person? Yes, of course. It makes you unique and even though the research may not be completed on how your quantum computing processor works, it probably will be in the next decade. Head over to the Why Shadow Work? Blog post and do a little self-research. Any of the chart systems listed will give you insight into how you process information via your consciousness.

Change Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are slightly different than your self-talk in that they’re the very foundation of said self-talk. If you believe in faeries, you will think about faeries. You may even See/Hear/Feel faeries in your home or when you’re out and about. If you believe in ghosts or seeing loved one’s after they’ve passed, you will think about these things and may even encounter them. Why does your quantum world work this way?

When you speak to yourself, you create an emotional vibration around yourself that attracts what you’re speaking. “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” Said another way, the word is the creating magnet that attracts the experiences you want to have. You’re not creating unconsciously. Rather, you’re creating your experience called Life and not listening to yourself, not believing you’re doing so.

The emotional vibration - energy in motion - that you’re creating around yourself is developed by the words that you’re using in your own mind. It extends approximately fifteen feet around you and beyond. You can project your thoughts anywhere in the world, perhaps even in the multiverse. In quantum science, this is called quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is the projection of light particles and waves that extend out passed your physical form into the metaphysical, interconnected space.

The emotional vibration that you’re sending out is part of your human aura. (Check out this introductory article by Nishant Sharma from BioField Global Research, Inc.) It is measured by heat and colour-coded when researched by scientists in the field using EEG (electroencephalography). When you emote, different parts of your brain light up. And like a dance, your thoughts create your emotional and physiological responses and vice versa. They’re all intertwined as One. This dance is what you’re identifying as “you”, however it isn’t a single, stagnant and unchanging person. It’s a self-aware, growing and transforming formless essence in form. If that’s not quantum magickal, I don’t know what is.

So when you have these insights or when these formless forms - faeries, ghosts, deities, demons, angels, devils, gods, goddesses, etc. and so on - come to you. Are they “outside of you”? How would you go about measuring it? As a free-thinking, imaginative person such as yourself, do you think it might be possible to change your beliefs about what you’re experiencing?

“But it’s scary, Deiadora! The world is scary! We’re living in dark times!”

First off, who told you that? Where do you see these “dark times”? Why are you looking? Is it healthy for you? Is it helping you be your best version of yourself in every moment? It may be possible that you’re buying in to a fear-based story to feel like you’re unique. You don’t need to be a witch, wizard, mage, healer (light healer or otherwise), or any other label to differentiate yourself. Nature’s already done that for you by sheer association of being conceived and now being alive. No label or even outside association with a particular group will validate that for you. And it and they don’t need to.

Secondly, how is this fear-based story of all these terrifying people “out there” violently harming each other helping you? How is a fear-based story of these separate entities floating all around giving you peace of mind? You can just as easily believe in these stories as you cannot. Strange isn’t it? There is some sort of want or need that these stories are providing you with - more so, your ego with - that is serving you or you wouldn’t be doing it. If you can discover and uncover the “job” that these beliefs are fulfilling, you can choose healthier self-talk and change your beliefs for the better.

Thirdly, who can you talk to? Speaking with someone who is safe and will listen to your “deep, dark secrets” is paramount to your personal health. You’re not crazy and there are professionals who can help you to change your self-talk and beliefs. This isn’t to discount your past experiences, but to help you heal from them. You’re more than welcome to speak with me by setting up a mindset session over under my services. I can assist you in identifying beliefs that are holding you back in your witchy business as well as in life. You might also find speaking to a licensed therapist helpful.

When you believe that you’re all alone in the world, it can seem a very dark place to be indeed. While you might think you’re part of a cool clique that’s growing at an astronomical rate, it’s important to have spiritual support and spiritual guidance from a mentor who is not fear-based. In spiritual terms, you call this enlightened.

“So, what is Englightenment?”

Enlightenment is a state of awareness when you realise that you are not separate from “the other me”, hence the title of this blog post. Rather, you’re a mirror of the person before you and interconnected. This, of course, does not make you egoless. Your ego does not dissolve and you do not become a formless blob of nothingness. Nor does it make you the Almighty Goddess/God of All That Is and the Centre of the Universe. It’s neither. Instead it helps you to have personal clarity and feel confident and self-assured. You See/Hear/Feel/Know yourself as an autonomous, sovereign individual while simultaneously never forgetting that you’re not separate from “other”.

How Does Enlightenment Effect Your Behaviour?

You become more empathetic, compassionate, understanding, patient, kind, and loving. You become less apathetic, hard-hearted, flippant, impatient, mean, and indifferent or even hateful. In effect, if there were a spectrum of consciousness - thoughts, emotions, and physiological responses - you become healthier.

Your behaviours reflect this change. You can tell by someone’s actions - if they’re telling you they’re enlightened whether they are or not. You’d be saying to yourself, “That person is really healthy. I want to be like them” and you’d naturally see them as a model you’d like to work towards. Now if you see them as “better” than you because of their enlightenment/kindness/compassion/etc., you might even feel bad about yourself. It might bring to the light the shadows that were hiding in the darkness that you (preferably) don’t want to look at. Yet somehow, it helps you to feel better about yourself or something, even if you don’t know why per say.

When you’re enlightened, you act in ways that you can stand behind. You take responsibility for all of your actions. When you do not, you apologise and right the situation. Enlightenment doesn’t make you superior. It makes you humble. Instead it helps you to accept Grace from forces unseen and that “force” is not separate from you. In fact, it is you. And if you take away anything from what you’ve read, remember this: You are your higher self, your guiding light, and your salvation in every moment. You have the power to create your enlightenment and remember - and never forget - your place in our quantum world.

So what will your Dream Spell be for this lunation season? Virgo is providing you with the reminder in its essence that the collective consciousness has described in Western Astrology to strategise, plan, and organise. The lunar guide is an online course that can help you to do so. You can also follow along @quantummagick on Instagram and answer the question prompts based on the moon cycle’s 8-part essence to create your Dream Spell for the next New Moon in Libra. Whether you use the lunar guide or not, here’s an easy New Moon ritual that you can do at any level:

  1. Create your Quantum Magick™ Intentions beforehand

  2. Have them near you when you sit in front of your altar or in your circle

  3. Cleanse your space with sage, palo santo, or another form of smudging

  4. Use salt (black salt, Himalayan sea salt, table salt) to protect your space from negative energy and less-than-honourable intentions (from within or without); sprinkle the salt around you and your altar or around you to form a circle

  5. Use incense, candles, crystals, water/wine/fruit drink, etc. to create your own intuitively-led ritual and ceremony

  6. Speak out your Quantum Magick™ Intentions to initiate your new beginning during this lunation and cleanse and renew the past

You create your Quantum Magick™ Intentions. You get to do decide what you want to create from formless to form, Beauty to Unity. Connect with me on Facebook by hitting “like” on Deiadorebel or if you’re a brand, join me on ‘Witches in Business’ for community connection. And if you’d like to laugh about what a loving vampires might actually be like if she existed, follow me @deiadoracreates on Instagram to enjoy the “If vampires were real…” series. I look forward to connecting with you and I hope you enjoyed this blog post on channeling. If you did, please consider sharing it with your coven, friends, or in one of your favourite Facebook groups.


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