The Health of Wholeness: What Healthy “Looks Like” in 2019 [8 Layers of Consciousness]

The Health of Wholeness

What does healthy look like to you? That’s the real question of the year, perhaps even the decade or century up to this point.

Healthy has become synonymous to wholeness - being accepting of yourself as you are now and being willing to grow. All growth is spiritual growth, since your inner world - your metaphysics - are yours and yours alone.

If you’d like a more light-hearted (i.e., self-reflective and nonjudgemental) rendition of what it means to be healthy in 2019, read this. Especially if you’re willing to go on an adventure of consciousness and dig a bit deeper, keep divulging yourself by all means. The most pleasurable story you can discover is locked inside of you. Layers deep past your self-awareness and into a world that has always resided within you, a quantum world. What you’ll find in this world is a remembrance of your wholeness.

What you’ll See in this world is a mirror - that everything you’ve been “hating” outside of you is a macrocosmic story of the microcosmic “weakness” within you that you’ve disowned. What you’ll heal by going on this little journey is everything and everyone. It’s not just magick, it’s quantum magick.

8 Layers of Consciousness

Since I was a child, I’ve been systematically ordering thoughts and feelings, which I call emotional thoughts, into layers of consciousness. This has helped me to see more objectively what needs to be healed and is asking for wholing. “Save me!” the thought or feeling calls to me from within. What it’s asking of me is to be made right and only I can choose that for it. Not one person outside of me can return myself to wholeness, to remembering my own pristine Perfection. So as unconventional the conversation in my inner world has been, I have laboured on, observing it and noting what layer of consciousness the thought or feeling falls under.

What is a layer of consciousness? A layer of consciousness is like the aura around your body. It begins with your physical form, yet as you know, you are not your form. You are formlessness. It proceeds out around your body to create your own quantum field, which is connected to the collective quantum field of information that we are imbibed in.

These layers include physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, enlighten, awaken, create, and unify. These labels have evolved over the past two plus decades, and I’m sure they will continue to for Clarity’s sake. Bookmark this blog post and subscribe to the Deiadorebel Newsletter for updates.

To the best of my ability, the following descriptors will lead you into a contemplation of what healthy looks like to you in 2019 and not the intent of what I believe to be true. By the end, you should have a good idea of what your beliefs are, giving you a foundation to move forward from. If there is an aspect of the 8 that you’re not keen on and want to change, you’ll have become more self-aware of it post-reading. If you’d like, open up a journal, document on your computer, or note on your smartphone to jot down some of your thoughts and feelings. Go with your first response and don’t overthink it.

Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Empathy = Inner & Outer Transformation

What I know to be true and have seen time and time again - this is what people come to me for, no matter if I’m speaking to a cashier at the grocery store or a client: change occurs when you 1) become self-aware, 2) see what you doing and believe; think and feel, 3) bring action, thought, and feeling into alignment (if there are dualities, that is, they’re in contradiction to one another), 4) decide what you do want in the near future, 5) say what you want with Clarity and 6) take one step in that direction by saying, “yes.”

The 8 Layers of Consciousness: A Self-Led Transformation In An Instant (A Quantum Leap)


What am I doing to feel good in my body for exercise?

How does my body feel now?

What does my body need to feel better?

What am I eating to feel good in my body?

How does my body like the food I’m eating?

What does my body want to feel better?

What am I drinking to feel good in my body?

How does my body feel now?

What does my body need to feel better?

What am I doing to feel good in my body for touch?

How does my body feel now?

What does my body need to feel better?

How can I take care of those physical needs personally (i.e., without saying, “I need someone else to do such-and-such)?

What can I do for self-care that would meet my “physical sensation” needs (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and even temperature and direction)?

As a sovereign and interconnected being, your answers will be completely individual to you. Answering the above questions will give you an idea of how you think and feel if you’re honest about how you behave.


What do I know about my emotions?

When do I feel emotionally high? Low?

What do I believe about emotions?

Am I in control of my emotions?

Do my emotions “happen” to me?

Do others influence my emotions?

If so, how much or how little?

Although research is still out, you may find within your lifetime that your emotions are a set of automatic responses that begin in your parasympathetic system and your brain computes faster than the speed of light. Triggered by external/internal stimuli, what you can control is how you react to your own emotions. Labelling emotions and learning how to take a breath and do so in a split second will greatly improve your life experience.

Lisa Feldman Barret’s How Emotions Are Made is a helpful perspective on the latest research. For a free online course, try UC Berkeley’s Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work on EdX. Want to give yourself a stronger emotional vocabulary set? Study Gene Keys by Richard Rudd. All in all, emotional intelligence is a practice much like meditation or any other skill of self-mastery. In the end, it’s more than worth it as it effects and improves all aspects of your life.


What do I believe about my thoughts?

Who do I believe is creating them?

Do I believe that I am the creativity behind my thoughts?

How can I create more self-control in my thought-life?

Your thoughts, as ephemeral as they are, make up your reality. The thought may be received from a “higher” layer of consciousness (see below), but the power of this downward causation either effects you or you’re guided by your emotional reactions and outside forces (i.e., other people, environments, and events). Creating a habit of making a conscious choice to choose your thoughts every day and every night will build a healthy mindset of nonduality. It will enable you to have greater flexibility, open-mindedness and connection to Self and others.

Your thoughts are a projection of your quantum world, which is informational and mental in nature. The projection of your thoughts does not end at your physical form, but extends out into the world around you. Have you ever had someone who is sensitive tell you that they could “feel you”? This is because your thoughts to a highly-sensitive person (HSP), empath, intuitive, or psychic can actually be Seen, Heard, Felt, and reflected back to you. Not in every case, yet in some.

Trippy yet true.

This means that our quantum world is interconnected and while you are a sovereign individual, what you think effects those around you. Be fully responsible for your thoughts and if you don’t feel that way, take some alone time for yourself and seek the advice and support of a licensed professional.


What helps me to feel to connected to my Self? Life? Nature? Others?

Spirituality is an internal growth strategy, not an external one. It has nothing to do with what other people believe nor making them believe what you believe. It’s about what you think and feel about the unseen. For a healthy psychology, imagine that any archetypes you are attracted to - deities (gods/goddesses), demi-gods, or even demons - are a reflection of your own consciousness and are not separate from it. Giving material objectivity to unseen archetypes will undoubtably cause more separation and disconnection than anything else.


What does it mean to be enlightened?

Can I be enlightened right now?

Can I choose to be enlightened in every moment?

What does it mean to “remember enlightenment”?

Enlightenment is the awareness of your sovereignty and interconnection. It has nothing to do with religion or finding something “out there” nor can any archetype give it to you. Remember: you are the archetypes you’re creating in your mind. They’re not separate from you, but information you awaken in yourself by being inspired by other people’s ideas - present day or historically. If it just popped into your head one day, remember Carl Jung’s collective unconscious and remind yourself that all archetypes are part of this field that we’re all connected to as a whole species.


How do I take responsibility for my Self?

How do I stay awake during pleasant experiences?

How do I stay awake during unpleasant experiences?

What can I do to increase my ability to stay awake?

What experiences can I increase that are benefiting my ability to stay awake and therefore maintain consciousness and self-responsibility?

What experiences can I decrease that are not benefiting my ability to stay awake and therefore shirk or deny my self-responsibility due to unconsciousness?

Awakening may be difficult to maintain during experiences that are new (unknown) or triggering (past events). It’s during these moments - that 5% of your consciousness that Carl Jung called the shadow - that real transformative change can occur. When you make awakening an on-going part of your evolutionary practice, you’ll find that you create more experiences that you want and less of what you do not want naturally.


How can I bring together all of my strengths to create the life that I want?

How can I reframe my weakness to see them on a spectrum of skills and abilities?

What can I do to improve all of my skills and abilities?

What aspects of myself am I not accepting? Can I change what I’m saying to myself about these aspects?

Who in my past - if not me - spoke negatively about these aspects? Can I bring it to my awareness, forgive them, and move now?

What do I want to create that I’ve kept in the recesses of my mind as just “fantasy”?

How can I take steps in the right direction to create those unconscious-now-made-conscious dreams?

Creating has nothing to do with duality and everything to do with what you believe you’re capable of creating. Whether you have strengths in one area or are less confident in another, by observing what you See within you through meditation and quiet contemplation (preferably alone), you can start moving in the direction of some of your long-held goals. One of the most satisfying experiences you can bring yourself is shifting from a consumer to a creative. Subscribe to the Deiadorebel YouTube Channel for an upcoming series on how you can make this shift.

Check out the Lunar Guide to learn more about how you can create a simple step-by-step strategy to go from an idea or ideas to a plan of action and manifestation.


Do I believe that the world is a mirror of me?

When I see something in the mirror that I don’t like do I have a tendency to project it?

How can I take greater self-responsibility when I see something I don’t like?

How can I see the behaviour symbolically so I can get more out of what it’s showing me?

What can I do to create the mirror that I want see in the world myself and then reflect it outwardly?

As a unified whole, our quantum world constantly shows us itself. It shows up unabashedly because it believes we can handle it and, more so, change it from within to without. This level of alchemy, although not easy as it requires complete and total self-responsibility, is what the world needs and will always need. If everyone was living by this high standard of responsibility, just think how quickly the world would change for the better. If each one of us - including you - accepting themselves as a powerful creative collaborating on our beautiful planet and creating change from inner to outer, the world would change overnight.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it. What’s your idea of healthy? Comment below and feel free to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram @deiadoracreates @quantummagick and let me know. The next 16-week transformation Coven will start on October 28. Find out more about it here. Until next time, peace and love. Happy Full Moon in Pisces!


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