Why Shadow Work? Transform Shadows into Friends [Communicating in a Quantum World]

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It goes without saying that expanding your understanding of your inner world naturally expands your outer, your brand included.

Shadow work is a concept spoken about in length by Carl Jung. The shadow, id, or shadow aspect/archetype refers to the unconscious expression of Self. It isn’t uncommon to have blindspots of yourself, to repeat patterns from childhood modelling, or project aspects that you consider negative or a weakness onto others without seeing it in yourself. All and all, the term “shadow” could appropriately be likened to what you’re not aware of within yourself (yet). And becoming aware of your shadow or doing shadow work is maturation via personal transformation.

If staying in a loop of entropy is not your thing and you’d like to evolve and expand your business or personal brand - increase profitability, attract authentic and loyal clients, and provide exceptional customer service - then doing shadow work is an unlikely foundational solution. A basic tenant of being human is before you achieve your next level of greatness, you have to include new information in pursuit towards mastery.

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It may seem odd or even uncomfortable that looking within could be the missing solution to your brand’s problems, yet you’d be surprised at what one afternoon of Aha-moments could do for your bottom line. Don't believe me? Give any one of these interpersonal chart systems a gander and see for yourself. The four cornerstone’s highlighted here can be helpful to review or to contemplate for a lifetime. The choice is up to you. Scroll down to the end to check out more resources. (Updated on-goingly, so bookmark this post.)

With any interpersonal system, it’s important to be aware of thoughts and emotions tending towards victimisation. Interpersonal systems are not meant to be read as dogmatic, inflexible snapshots of your personality. Rather, they are insight into personal strengths or weaknesses. The only way to “know” whether or not the chart system rings true for you is through self-observation, which takes place over time.

Sometimes, you can have an Aha-moment while you read your chart or have it read for you. However, the insights usually come organically in flow as you lightly hold the contemplation of a particular aspect of Self (as reflected by your chart). When it arises, it comes as a sudden flash of self-reflection, which may lead to transformation and growth. (The Institute of Noetic Science - IONS has done extensive work on the study of transformation, unique to each one of us.)

Shadow work is not meant to be painful nor is it a process or healing of your inner child, etc. It is more likened to an opening to self-awareness that ebbs and flows in degree depending on many factors that vary person to person. The intention of knowing yourself on a deeper level is not an attachment through thought (i.e., “The chart said I am this way, so it must be. Everyone, including myself must deal with my short-comings now that I have a chart to back me up.”). On the contrary, it is a gentle guidance into unbecoming your less mature aspects through self-observation, acceptance, and actionable steps to self-improvement.

What do you do when you discover less than worthy aspects that you were projecting onto others are actually something you have a tendency towards?

The simple answer is to laugh and then decide what you want to do. If you've been “hating on” others for being judgemental and then realise that you're being judgemental through gentle contemplation of your own shadow, you’re now empowered to do something about it. Whereas before, you were a victim to what you couldn’t see because it was truly unconscious (to your Self and everyone else’s demise).

When you can see your shortcomings, yes, it requires a tremendous amount of strength, yet no one can disempower you again. Instead, if someone points out a potential blindspot, you can laugh at yourself. It becomes easier to do shadow work the more you accept that you have “things to work on.” Even better, you realise that having “things to work on” is being human, so it becomes less and less painful in thought and emotion.

Once you look within, it's difficult to look away. It becomes a bit of an obsession. Potentially the best self-obsession you could fall into as you transform into your own naturalness. - Deiadora Blanche

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Gene Keys was created by teacher and mystic Richard Rudd. After seven years of research, Mr Rudd published Gene Keys in 2009. Since then, it has grown into an international phenomena with multiple support groups on Facebook. The basis of the system is to provide a contemplative look at your potential genetic make-up based on Mr Rudd’s conclusions from studying Human Design under Ra Uru Hu, astrology, the I Ching, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and observing the human experience around the world.

Pros: Reviewing your chart can provide you with insight into how you communicate your brand’s messaging, what you’re looking to achieve in your professional and personal life, and how you can improve it. By offering a spectrum of consciousness, it make shadow work easy with a simple framework.

Cons: If you get too in your head about it, Gene Keys can become more dogmatic than necessary. Creating the exact opposite effect of being empowering, it will inspire you to believe you are a victim of your own design rather than engendering powerful insight.

Read Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys and download your free Hologenetic profile here. While the book is not necessary to read just to understand your Gene Keys, I have over 7 years of chart reading experience if you’d like an introduction starting at US$222.

Download your chart here (free).


Human Design was transmitted by founder and messenger Ra Uru Hu, who received the framework of the entire system in less than a week’s time. As a very in-depth interpersonal system, Human Design provides a look at your conscious and unconscious motivations. Also using the I Ching and astrology, the chart provides a fascinating visual that when viewed holistically allows you to contemplate the potential of how your energy operates.

Pros: Reviewing your chart even on a surface level can be insightful and powerfully transformative. The language used in the chart is universal enough to have personal applicability to just about anyone. You could change the way that you strategise client attraction, contracts, and even pricing structure after reading your chart.

Cons: A bit on the technical side, the chart as a whole can appear daunting and dissuade your from diving deeper. Without having the know how of where to find more information on how to research your chart and what it means, you can wind up feeling discouraged.

Have your chart read by a professional and Google each aspect of your chart by typing in the initial word plus “Human Design”. For example: “Manifestor Human Design”. If you’d like your chart read in detail, I have seven years and counting of HD research. Start your Human Design journey at US$222.

Download your chart here (free).

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Baantu is the third chart system I’ve discovered inspired originally by Human Design. Creator and music producer Steve Rhodes updates the interpersonal chart system as it evolves and expands naturally. That I’ve observed, he’s revealed three updates since 2013. Each time, I’ve contemplated the system and have found it beneficial.

The current update is called The God Code. In a sense, it is a simpler explanation of Human Design. (Don’t tell Steve I said that!) When you plug in your birth date, time, and location, it reveals what your Mind and Body motivations are in an easy-to-read basis. Additionally it gives insight into what “qualities you like in other people.” You can go deeper into the Baantu by having a Live Reading with Steve Rhodes himself over live video for US$180, join the Academy to learn how to do Baantu readings, or buy a Full Version yearly subscription for US$19.90. In addition, you can do your own research by read The God Code ebook or get it in print on Amazon.

Pros: The chart system is so simple, it's a bit of a no-brainer to check out. There’s nothing too daunting about it that would be make it unbeneficial. It definitely helps you to know what “type” of person you're attracting and what your ideal client would be.

Cons: As a details-type person, it would be great to know what the “Influential Aspects” are that Mr Rhodes is referring to. It’s no where to be found in the book. Perhaps if you ask him directly, let me know. This could change the work you do as a brand in essence.

While you're more than welcome to hire me to read your Baantu chart for US$222 (I can explain it from a practical or technical perspective as well as in relation its use in partnership with other systems), Steve Rhodes calls himself “The Relationship Wizard”. In effect, he’s also a great consultant to ask about why certain relationships in your life work or do not work, how much “time” you should be able to spend together, and what aspects may annoy you about the other person. It's quite fascinating and helpful.

Download your chart here (free).


Eastern astrology has a range of knowledge that dates back over two centuries to Babylonian times when it guided kingdoms and empires. Today, the fascinating field of studying the planets in relation to twelve main constellations is still a guiding force being explored by humanity. It isn't any wonder as the vast landscape of astrology provides insight into relatable aspects of humanness.

One item to note is that there are varying degrees of understanding being touted by astrologists. When you're looking for guidance “out there”, check in with the relaying of details and whether or not they’re in alignment with universal principles of superabundance and interconnection. If they’re sounding much too dualistic by being pessimistic with fear-mongering, steer clear of it. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Wink.

Pros: Just reading about your Sun, Moon and Ascendent can provide helpful insight into how you potentially operate. Looking at your chart holistically - that is, every aspect - and from various sources can help you gain the most benefit overall.

Cons: The chart itself can be a bit overwhelming and there are many schools of thought in the world of astrology. Look for ones that align most with universal principles and communicate it in ways that makes sense to you. Use various sources and hold lightly to the information. Instead of saying this is how I am, say I am tickled that I can relate and I hope to gain self-understanding to help me grow as a person.

Download your chart here (free).

Again, if you would like me, Deiadora Blanche, to read any of your charts, I have over seven years of experience in doing so and have read over 200 charts face to face in the San Diego area. I can provide you with a chart reading of any of the above over video chat. Use the Manifest Your Dreams: Brand Empowerment Session to make your purchase and Facebook appointments to schedule a time.

I initially began reading charts to help clients I was working with to understand why they wanted their creative projects to be a particular way. These systems, especially Gene Keys, gave them insight into how to communicate with partners, collaborators, vendors, and other professionals in a diplomatic manner that helped them to achieve their desired results from an empowered, conscious state of being. If this interests you, let me know what your project entails and how you’d like your session on exploring your shadow to relate to your work in the notes. This way, we can make the most of your time.

Charts can also be used in direct application to your Dream Spell when using the lunar guide (online course) to manifest your brand on a meta level as well as website copy, content strategy, digital marketing, and so on. The essence of Quantum Magick™is to communicate to your Self with clarity in alignment with universal principles of self-worship so that you quicken your manifestation and create what you want and need in less time in Timelessness, of course.

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In Unity,

Deiadora Blanche

Note: Although I have personally not had any chart readings or sessions with any of the suggested readers, no paid endorsements have been made for advertisement. Moreover, if you would like to offer your services via Deiadorebel, I am always looking for quality professionals in their respective fields to share with others (as I can’t have the depth of understanding in every field as much as I would like to). To do so, use the contact form and request to schedule a session with me to discuss. Please include your experience and if you’re open to an abbreviated consult on the work you do in exchange for authentic promotion.


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