Create Brand Empowerment

A Coven designed to help you DIY your brand.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned brand - personal or entrepreneurial - the Coven of Quantum Magick helps you to create your online presence in only 16 weeks.

You don’t have to be a web designer or even business savvy. Deiadorebel will help you to learn and embody the latest. Zero hassles, 100% support, & all your questions answered — over 13 years of experience at your finger tips.


“Highly recommended! Deiadorebel is a great editor who I started working with in 2019, and now heading into 2020. And will be working on two books in a series. I am happy with her thorough services, and she is an encouraging voice for my writing journey.” - Tabitha Darling, author of the children Of Chiron series

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Create Your Reality

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to achieving your goals?

When it comes to creating, it’s totally human to think a lot about it without doing anything to make it happen.


Too. Many. Ideas.

A lack of creativity isn’t the problem.

On the contrary, it’s not having a focus for your hocus pocus.

The lunar guide is an 8-step (simplified) online course for your inner modern witch.

If you want to create from inner to outer and have no one telling you how to do it except for your own divinity, this is the course for you.

Choose from a DIY or get a consult with yours truly included.

A purrrfect fit for any budget.