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DIY your Brand in 16 weeks - Uncover your Dream Spell: 8 Quantum Magick™ Intentions. A simple tool for creatives to focus your actions every lunation. Look within and harness your otherwise unconscious magick using the 8-step online course.

Deiadora Blanche: Modern Witch in a Quantum World

Then connect with your quantum Magick™

Align your conscious mind with your unconscious actions. Activate your Dream Spell in 4 powerful foundational sessions. Set your quantum self up for success by creating it. Reflective magick at its finest.

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A supportive online community with monthly Q&A’s for Brand Empowerment, the coven provides a space to inquire more deeply, join in New & Full Moon rituals, & feel inspired. Powerful support to conquer any fear, worry, or challenge: inner & outer.




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